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Amazon is an American business organization on the Internet, which began by selling books and later expanded its items, to later disturb the world of shopping and electronic stores, and the value of its merchandise exceeds one hundred billion dollars every year.

Enterprise was founded on July 5, 1994 in Washington state by Jeff Bezos, who started his own online selling organization called Amazon Store. The site officially opened on July 16, 1995, and was the lead book sold by Douglas Hofstadter, "Liquid Concepts and Creative Comparisons.. Personal Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Ideas."

The Company's name

Bezos chose the name "Amazon" in relation to the Amazon River, the largest on Earth, in keeping with his goal of owning the largest store on the planet. Also, since 2000, the Amazon logo has appeared, a lightning bolt that takes a smile from the letter "A" (A) to the last letter in the Latin letter group (Z), and shows that the organization gives all items an example from start to finish and the means to satisfy the customer with it.

Central Command

Amazon is settled in Seattle, Washington, USA, and has territories in different countries, including Germany (1998), Britain (1998), France (2000), Japan (2000), Canada (2002), China (2004), Italy (2010), Spain (2011), India (2012), Mexico (2013), Australia (2013), and the Netherlands (2014).

The CEO of the foundation is Jeff Bezos, a computer director and chief financial officer

An example of overcoming adversity

The Amazon Foundation account started with an idea in Bezos' mind when he was attracted to the possibility of selling books on the Internet, but he initially faced challenges in financing the termination of his project, which he put in place a million-dollar spending plan for him, due to what he described at the time as "a poor understanding of financial backers and their lack of faith in the capabilities of the Internet, and their questioning of the power of the Internet.” Amazon project in progress.

Despite this, Bezos proceeded to carry out his pledge after receiving $100,000 from his folks, and his achievement of persuading various finance managers to contribute $50,000 each.It also struck the writers' panic and concern about their books from quotation and scientific and artistic theft, as they were sticking to copyright, but these feelings of fear spread after that after the mission made unparalleled progress that made it the largest electronic market in the world. A planet whose merchandise exceeds a hundred billion dollars every year.

Cash figures for the second fiscal quarter of 2016 show that Amazon beat previous Wall Street assumptions by $29.55 billion to reach $30.4 billion in pay, and that income was distributed across offerings to $1.78 per share.

In contrast to 2015, Amazon shares were up 40% and had the option to spread significant Q5 benefits to the back, due to lower transportation expenses for buyers and expanded contributions, and the distributed warehousing division struck deals worth $2.89 billion, also beating previous assumptions.


Amazon offers many products in many establishments such as clothing, gadgets, outdoor supplies, books, beauty care products, etc. It has no place on earth, but it has stores where it keeps the merchandise until it is shipped from the owners at their places of residence or the workplace addresses of organizations Transport.

Similarly, apart from the Internet business, he introduced personal computer departments, which recorded eight billion dollars in income in 2015, and Bezos announced an arrangement to send a video page on the Internet dealing with YouTube.

Among the departments offered by the organization was a "Prime" department that could be purchased for a hundred dollars in annual expenses, and Amazon had the option of amassing a broad base estimated at fifty million high-spending customers.

The organization considers “Prime” management a critical component of its actions to conquer the online business world. Amazon's creator and CEO wrote in his annual letter to investors in April 2016 that Prime has shifted to an approach to meeting all the physical and advanced needs of customers, and said it needs Prime to be an attractive arrangement so that it is "reckless" to quit.

Access to the store

Similarly, Amazon has made further progress in the way of competing with organizations that rent and sell video recordings online, for example, "Netflix", by offering a web video feature to customers all over the planet.

Furthermore, Amazon provided an idea for the task of creating massive distribution centers “in the sky” with a fleet of robots to transport goods to a select few.

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